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Dear Dad,

On Wedding day, this day where I go from under your wing (© AACWP) to under the wing of my husband, we begin a new chapter. You will be the first man that ever loved me truly, madly, deeply, and the man that I will compare all love to. Because of you, I know how I should be treated, and not only that but what it feels like to grow older with your best friend. You’ve been such a friend, a hero, and a leader in my life that on this day I know I have finally found someone you will be proud of. This man becomes your son today. Although I am your only child, and at times knew you would have preferred having a son instead, I hope in the end I became the woman you imagined I would be, and that you agree this son was worth the wait. I look forward to the day that you become a grandfather to our children, because there is no one I can imagine being better at that role than you. God has blessed this journey time and time again, and I can not wait to see what is next…

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Okay, okay…I may not be married yet, but one day this will be the thoughts on paper I share with my father. What is something you shared with your father on your wedding day? Happy Father’s Day to you and yours…this Daddy’s Girl is headed home to hug hers!

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